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  • Testimonials for 2020
  • Jim Bryant was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable in guiding us through our purchase and made sure we crossed every T and dotted every I

    Mr & Mrs B, Essex - 09.04.2020.

  • Testimonials for 2017
  • Bryant Land and Property have been key to the successful purchase of land  on four separate occasions. They have not only identified when land is for sale, but have helped us negotiate with some tricky vendors and have supported us from start to finish. Jim's sound and constant advice and handling of the vendor enabled us to complete the purchase of the land.

    Mr & Mrs W, Suffolk - 23.05.2017.

  • Testimonials for 2016
  • Outstanding deal and contract delivered by Bryant Land & Property using Cambridge knowledge and experience led to a successful development and sale.

    Mr W, Cambridgeshire - 22.06.2016.