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Land at Friskney, near Boston, Lincolnshire

10.77 ha (26.61 acres) of Grade 1 Tofts land.

The land at Friskney provides an extremely rare opportunity to purchase some excellent Tofts land adjacent to the A52. The land comprises a single block with main road frontage along its north and eastern boundaries. The land is classified Grade 1 and is of the Romney Soil Association, providing deep silt, suitable for growing a whole range of root and vegetable crops. This land shows excellent fertility which is demonstrated by the ability to grow consistent good crops of cauliflower.

The land is situated between the villages of Wrangle and Friskney an extremely well known vegetable growing area in this part of Lincolnshire and can be easily found from the location and sales plans in the sales particulars (see below). Good access to the A52 makes this land very convenient for a number of vegetable producers in the area.

At the south easterly end of the land there are two second World War Pillboxes. Adjacent to Holland Lane on the north east boundary there is a small pond.

Sold as a whole.